5 Sources That Brought Me Tons Of Visitors


It’s going to be almost two months since the launch of Blogging Bits. I have got steady stream of traffic from various sources during this period, but some of them really stand out.

So, for my readers, here is top 5 list of sources that sent me most traffic.

1. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is hands down the best source of traffic for new blogs. It stands tall high above all other sources.

StumbleUpon has sent me 6260 unique visitors so far. Although StumbleUpon visitors rarely turn into regular readers, it is still rewarding to have your content read by so many people.

2. Traffic from group writing projects

The second most generous referrer is the group writing projects I joined.

I got about 500 new visitors from Problogger group writing project and Daily Blog Tips Blog Writing Project. Not bad, because many of these visitors have subscribed to my blog and become my readers. Most importantly, I have been honored to meet some excellent bloggers who found me through Problogger and Daily Blog Tips writing projects.

3. Sphinn

Sphinn has proven me right in my belief that bloggers should concentrate more on niche social media sites rather than wasting their energy on the likes of Digg. Smallish social media sites don’t send you torrents of traffic and don’t take your servers down, but they send you highly targeted traffic. Plus, it’s a lot easier to get on the front page of niche social media sites.

I’ve got about 300 unique visitors for my post about top 11 Digg-like niche social media sites, that made it to the front page of Sphinn. It were also the Sphinners who voted me up on StumbleUpon and Digg sending me even more traffic!

4. Google

I am not happy with Google for not ranking me first even for my blog’s name, but it has been sending me visitors quite frequently.

Google has sent me almost 200 new visitors in a month and a half. Not bad, is it?

It’s important to note that most of the Google traffic has come from Google blog search, and not from the main search engine. Does it make any difference?

5. Traffic from Guest posts

I’ve made a couple of guest posts on Lorelle on WordPress and on some other blogs, that have been sending me quite a few new visitors (almost 200 so far)

Again, the best part of the traffic coming from related blogs is that those visitors are interested in my content. It’s up to me if I can retain their interest long enough to convert them into regular readers.

OK, this isn’t tons of traffic in any sense of the word, but we are talking about a new blog that has just gone live. Every new visitor on a new blog brings with him tons of new hopes for the blogger, and helps shape the future of the blog.

What have I learnt from these stats?

Community is the king. The more you contribute to the community, and the more you help other boggers, the better your chances of success.

What you should learn from these stats

Don’t be afraid to link out to others, participate in contests, volunteer to post on other blogs, and make contacts in the social media world. You have to do all this to survive, if not to succeed.

What’s been your top traffic sources, especially in the early days?

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