5 Reasons Why Blogging Sucks

You thought blogging is all fun and money? Well, that’s not quite true.

Instigator blog published an excellent list of not-so-fancy aspects of freelancing, so I thought since blogging, and especially problogging, is a freelance activity, I’ll list the cons of problogging.

Blogging is stressful. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy blogging as much as any other serious blogger, but.. it’s stressful. Since you don’t look very convinced, here are my 5 reasons why it’s so.

1. You have to be super creative

Seriously, how many new ideas can a poor stay-at-home blogger can come up with? Every other person tells you that you have to be original, creative, and blah blah to have somebody listen to you, but nobody cares what goes through a bloggers’ mind when he wrestles with his overworked brain to churn out some more creative posts. Isn’t it stressful to have to write a post, be original, be original, and be original, and repeat it everyday?

2. You have to forget about life

When you make up your mind to start your new career as a problogger, you might as well forget about what goes on in the rest of the world around you. Blogging is a time consuming activity. Even if you try to save time by being more productive, you simply can’t save enough to become a normal person again.

Imagine your wife/husband, your friends, and your parents shaking their head in sad disappointment. How terribly discouraging! They think you have gone out of whack. Thank god they can’t replace you with a new ‘you’.

3. You become fat and lazy

Sitting on a chair all the time doesn’t help your fitness a lot. If anything, you grow more flab. You become fatter. One more reason not to go outside!

As if that weren’t enough, you develop a lazy butt too! You tell your woman-in-charge to bring you the food in your room. You nap right on your chair instead of taking the trouble to go to bed. And Most of the time, you wouldn’t even go and pee until it becomes too hard to hold it back!

4. Your earnings are not as stable as you would want

If you slack too much and don’t post for some days, or if Google decides that you are a thief, you’ll be fretting all day over the drop in your earnings. A drop in your daily earnings brings with it all kinds of insecurities that were hiding somewhere forgotten, and makes you hallucinate about bills, rents, and fees.

At your day job, you at least knew you wouldn’t get a pay drop all of a sudden. Things at a day job aren’t as out of your control as they can be sometimes at blogging.

5. You have to forget about vacations and holidays

Holidays? Vacations? Nah, I have to do some important stuff online.

Unfortunately, this important stuff only builds up with time and never lets you do anything else. You can’t even take a day off when you really badly want it. And even if you go on a vacation, you are glued to your laptop. And when you are unglued from your laptop, you attention drifts off when you start thinking about your next post idea. UGHH! I said be original!

Well, there’s my gripes against blogging. I love blogging nonetheless. That’s why I am writing this, eh?

Your thoughts?

Do you sometimes find blogging stressful too?

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