5 Blogging Secrets You Can’t Share With Your Wife


Let’s admit it. Blogging is weird and bloggers are weirdos.

At least in the eyes of other people. Our families and friends think we have lost a screw or two somewhere in the center of our head.

Many times people ask me what do I do online – and yes, this has never been an easy question to answer – I try my mightiest to explain it all in the terms they can understand, but all I get back in response is suspicious stares.

I bet they feel sorry for me and my wasted talents.

Regardless of how some of the bloggers have reached the pinnacle of success with blogging, for most bloggers it remains more of a chore that doesn’t pay well. It’s time consuming, exacting, and earns very little in the short run. Yet we continue to be mesmerized by this elusive genie.

Even though I patiently answer the blogging queries of my family, friends, and acquaintances, here is an imaginary dialog on 5 blogging facts I can’t possibly risk having with my wife(to-be).

1. I blog for my readers

Her – “Uh.. say what? What do you get back from them?

Me – “Er.. nothing. It pleases me to be of some use to them.. and so what if I don’t get anything back, we should be helpful to other people, shouldn’t we?” I say defensively.

She squints at me suspiciously.

2. I don’t earn enough to pay my hosting bills

Her – “OK honey, you must be making a lot of money, that’s why you give away so much for free!”

Me – “No darling.. I have to pay my hosting bills from my own pocket. Whatever I earn from my blog, I buy iPods and stuff with it and give it back to my valuable readers in blog competitions”

She stares back at me in shock.

3. I’ve thousands of online friends

Her – “Uh.. so that’s really nice of you to be so good to your.. uh.. oh yeah.. readers. But have you made any real friends with this blog of yours?”

Me – “Yes sweetheart.. I’ve plenty of friends. I’ve been counting my friends the other day, and to my surprise, all my friends at Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Sphinn, Twitter, and Facebook add up to a couple thousand.” I declare with a proud smile.

She stares at me with gaping mouth.

4. I work diligently to contribute quality content to the social media

Her – “OK, this is really weird. What are those Digg and StumbleUpon thingummies?”

Me – “Ah.. now that’s an interesting question. These are called social media sites. I go to these sites and add plenty of friends and spend hours promoting news stories as well as submitting new quality stuff.. and no honey, they don’t pay me either” I finish reluctantly.

She shakes her head in disbelief.

5. I keep up with hundreds of RSS feeds

Her – “Mohsin, I really am getting worried about you. Just one last thing.. where do you get all these ideas to write daily on your blog and all the stuff you submit to those sites you just mentioned?”

Me – “Don’t worry honey.. that’s just the way we bloggers are. And to answer your question, I have this thing on my computer called feed reader, where I can read all the hundreds of other blog posts and decide which ones to post about or submit to social media sites. This really is addictive.. oh.. hey.. what happened wifey?”

She faints.

Your thoughts?

How do you explain blogging to your family and pals?

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