How I got 17K Visitors in Two Days

Boy – that sounds sweet to the ears. 17 K visitors in two days!

I had a post in mind that I kept delaying because I thought my shared hosting plan couldn’t handle the traffic. But since I’ve had many ideas that were taken by other people because I was too lazy to publish them first, I wrote and published this post about StumbleUpon search feature.

The traffic that followed was quite expected. In an hour I had many reviews and thumbs up with thousands of visitors coming my way.

Why was the traffic and great acclaim expected? Simple. Because whenever you write something exclusively about a social media site, in particular if it’s of great practical use, you are rewarded.

So, even though the post itself is quite small, it has got 44 reviews and don’t know how many thumbs-ups so far, making it the most highly-trafficked post on Blogging Bits ever.

The best takeaway point – with great success comes even greater flaming.

I knew that since the post was going to become really hot, I’ll surely be flamed by SU trolls who has nothing but negative comments to add. However, I was curious to see what kind of flame would be thrown my way since the post was actually quite useful, and since I don’t even run ads on my blog, no one would dare call it blogspam.

But the trolls never disappoint you. They always find a reason to find fault with your content.

So, guess what was their excuse for thumbing down the post?

“Boy – you didn’t know about it?” Thumb down.

“I’m amazed people don’t know about it” Thumb down.

Well, you can’t stop ‘em stampeding herds, can you?

What’s been your most popular post on SU and what was it about? Plus, do you get negative reviews on SU often?

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