WP Splash: WordPress Goodness Splashed All Over!

WordPress tips, hacks and design galleryI’ve partnered up with two other WordPress developer friends to launch a new awesome all-things-WordPress blog: WordPress Splash.

We’ll cover a wide variety of WordPress topics, but the primary focus will be giving useful and practical tips and code examples that will make your life easy as a WordPress developer, modder, or a blogger.

WP Splash includes a WordPress Design Gallery, where you can submit your WordPress based designs. And also a community news section on homepage where you can submit WordPress related articles/links.

We have BIG plans for WP Splash, so keep an eye on it. Make sure you subscribe to WP Splash RSS feed and follow it on Twitter to stay updated.


How to Make Your Next Project Really Work

Creating a new site, blog or a web app is easy. But most of such new sites created every day do not work.

And there’s a very good reason why.

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Twitter Glossary: Twitter Lingo Explained For The Utterly Confused


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What are all those confusing little words you come across in every other tweet? Read on for answers.

Twitter is becoming a culture in itself. Spawning new words, and creating new concepts around its lingo.

Many of us get confused when we first join Twitter and are bombarded with the inside mumbo-jumbo. This post is meant to clear up some of those words. The big ones actually, that everyone else seems to know except you!

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Flexis WordPress Theme Launched!


After being in constant development for many weeks, our new WordPress Theme Flexis is ready to beautify your web site.

Flexis is what its names suggests: a very flexible theme that can be used on a personal blog, news site, or any general magazine style site.

Some of the features at a glance:

  • Out of the box SEO
  • Social media integration
  • Optimized ad placements
  • Built-in ad management
  • Google Analytics and FeedBurner integration
  • 6 Color schemes
  • Two home page layouts
  • Featured posts and videos
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer
  • Custom Twitter and Flickr widgets
  • On the go thumbnail generation for posts
  • Threaded comments
  • Custom logo and favicon support

And many more in the package.

Flexis has a super cool tabbed AJAX-based control panel that’ll make managing theme features a breeze.


What you’re really going to love is Flexis ad manager. You can add any kind of ads in predefined optimized ad spots, preview, edit, ad delete them with any third party plugin.

I can safely say that you’ll improve your ad earnings with Flexis. Couple that with more visitors thanks to Flexis out-of-the-box SEO and social media optimization and you’re sure as hell going to double your earnings.

Flexis is also highly customizable with 6 awesome color schemes, 2 different home page layouts, different font choices, font sizes, custom logo, favicon, and much more!

What’s more, get Flexis for $20 instead of the regular price $30 in first 24 hours. So hurry up! (valid till March 27 9:00 GMT)

Screenshots and more info | Live Demo | Buy now

If you any question or comments, feel free to drop a comment below.


Making it Big by Working For Yourself

Work for yourself

Do you work for yourself?

You may think you do. As a blogger, you have your own schedules, you write when you feel like it, you write about things you love and so on.

But that’s not what I mean when I ask if you really work for yourself.

Even though you have a blog and you do whatever you want to do with it, you’re still limited by certain choices. Do you rely on Google for traffic? Do you rely on a ad network to monetize your blog? Do you promote others’ products to make small commissions?

In all those situations, you work for others. In particular, you depend on others to monetize your blog, to make it profitable, and to make your efforts worthwhile.

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Win a Free Copy of Spotlight WordPress Theme

Get Spotlight Free

It’s hardly been over a week since I launched Spotlight WordPress Theme and I’ve already received plenty of positive feedback from everyone who saw and used the themeĀ  (which also means the sales are going really good).

The good reviews and comments have been very encouraging. So, to continue the good spirit and give everyone back some love, I contacted few blogger friends and asked them to give away 3 copies of Spotlight to their readers.

Well, they couldn’t be happier.

Daniel at Daily Blog Tips is running a twitter contest for Spotlight WordPress Theme. To be one of the three lucky winners, all you have to do is follow Daniel on twitter, and tweet the following message:

Entering the Spotlight contest. If you want to participate, follow @danielscocco and re-tweet http://xr.com/spot1

Daniel will pick 3 random winners on Friday, and will get in touch with them to hand ‘em over a free copy of the theme.

My good friend Steven Snell is also holding a contest on his design resource blog Design Mag. This one is slightly easier. Leave a comment on the contest post and you automatically enter the contest.

Three winner will be picked randomly on Friday.

If you really like the theme and you don’t win a free license, don’t worry. Spotlight is still so cheap, you can get it with the leftover pennies in your wallet!

Stay subscribed for more offers and future themes.


Spotlight just for $30 now!

In a fit of generosity, I just decided to reduce the price of Spotlight WordPress Theme from previous $59 to $30. That’s almost half of the original price.

What do I achieve by cutting theĀ  price to half? First, I want everyone to get this theme because it’s so good. People with low budget shouldn’t be left out. Secondly, it’s good from a seller’s perspective too. The lower the price, the more people are likely to buy it.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now. You don’t get such amazing offers everyday!

P.S. A couple of folks who have already bought the theme will get $29 back.


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